Dan Group Asia Ltd., is the Company behind Viet Dan in Vietnam . We are working at a 5000m2 facility in the outskirt of Ho Chi Minh City (Hoc Mon) 1 ¼ hour drive from the center of Ho Chi Minh City. 


We are specialized in bags, such as : Certified tool bags for wind turbines, industrial cleaning bags, other OEM bags, as well as, backpacks, shopping bags, sports bags, ski bags as well and request from our customers, working with audit standards. 

We only make orders for export and our main markets are Europe and America, with a normal capacity for 3, 40 feet containers a week, and focus on quality and delivery on time.

  Viet Dan is local contract in Vietnam, with the co operation of Dan Group Asia and have made a strong position, since the start   of Dan Group Asia over 20 years ago.
 Today Viet Dan is run in cooperation with Henrik Andersen by Mr. Lam Huynh, who have and finalized university of foreign sales and marketing, as well as planning and production control. The flexibility of Viet Dan makes it easier to catch the right price and delivery no matter if the order is big or small to full fill our slogan "we work for you".



Development orientation of Viet Dan until 2025 becomes a company specializing in processing bags for the European market.


Building and developing the company is strong and stable in all aspects, forming the name chosen by many foreign customers to cooperate.

 Core values

 Quality- Reputation- Responsibility- Commitment- Support-cooperation