• This is where sample distribution kits, as well as making sample according to the diagrams and original samples that customers request. At the same time, this place also takes responsibility for the technical aspects related to lots, bags, ... at the company.
• The Leader will be the main recipient of the plan and modeling request from the customer service Dept. to conduct the making, modeling, technical inspection and team management.







• Check the materials.
• Prepare materials specifically arranged for orders (O) on the principle of: first in first out.
• Distribute materials combined semi-finished fabric to processors.







• Plan a daily cut according to the Planning Dept.
• Stereotyping inspection, molds (if have)
• Receive fabrics from storage, draw diagrams unroll fabric and cut fabric.







• Get logo plan.
• Follow cutting plan, delivery plan of outsourcing.
• Arrange implementation plan by order.
• Receive fabric, check fabric and make sign:
       - Delivery to the printer / embroidery (if printed outside). Update delivery time information.
       - Check the quantity, quality of logos, test presses, presses according to orders (if heat transfer printing)







• Receive the plan, track the plan and capture information from the Planning Department to make a
delivery of orders.
• Arrange a production plan by order.
• Notice of problems arising: change of auxiliary materials, order progress.
• Notify delivery time.








• Get checking plan.
• Track the delivery plan of your processing, shipping schedule and delivery plan.
• Make plan for checking for product of orders.
• Check goods according to the instructions paper.
• Return the defective item to the production department.
• Deliver the goods to the packaging department.







• Get the packaging plan, follow the QC's plan.
• Make plan for packing product follow orders.
• Check paper, the label.
• Check boxes / baskets ... based on packing plan.
• Clean goods before packing.
• Packaging according to the instructions.